Bracketology: Super Sunday Edition

We’re just minutes away from the kickoff of Super Bowl 50.  I love the Super Bowl.  But not as much as March Madness, so I bring you this Super Sunday edition of Mike Broman Bracketology.

There has been a ton of movement in the bracket since I last updated 8 days ago.  What follows is the seed lines, and any note in parentheses after a team’s name is how much that team has moved up or down since my last post on January 30.

1s – Oklahoma, Iowa, Villanova, Virginia (+1)

2s – North Carolina (-1), Oregon, Xavier, Kansas (+1)

3s – Iowa State (-1), Michigan State, Maryland, Miami (+1)

4s – Dayton, Texas A & M (-1), West Virginia (+2), Texas (+1)

5s – Kentucky (-1), Purdue, Utah, South Carolina (+1),

6s – Providence (-2), Baylor (-1), Southern California (+1), Arizona (+2)

7s – Notre Dame (+1), Duke (+1), Colorado (-1), Pittsburgh (-1)

8s – Indiana, Florida (-1), Wichita State (+1), San Diego State (+1)

9s- California, Michigan (-2), Syracuse (+1), George Washington (+2)

10s – Washington (-1), Monmouth (+1), Seton Hall (+2), Saint Mary’s

11s – Wisconsin (new), Virginia Commonwealth (-1), Saint Joe’s, Vanderbilt (new)

12s – Chattanooga, Butler (new), Valparaiso, Louisiana State (new), Temple (new), Gonzaga (new)

13s – Arkansas-Little Rock, South Dakota State (+1), Akron (+1), Yale (new)

14s – Stony Brook, California-Irvine (-1), Belmont (-1), New Mexico State (+1)

15s – North Carolina-Wilmington (new), Alabama-Birmingham, Montana (-1), Stephen F. Austin (new)

16s – North Carolina-Asheville, South Carolina State (new), Fairleigh-Dickinson (new), Southern, North Florida, Bucknell

LAST FOUR IN – Butler, Louisiana State, Temple, Gonzaga

FIRST FOUR OUT – Cincinnati, Stanford, Florida State, Tulsa

 NEXT FOUR OUT – Clemson, Connecticut, Saint Bonaventure, Kansas State

NEW TO THE BRACKET – Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, Butler, Louisiana State, Temple, Gonzaga, Yale, North Carolina-Wilmington, Stephen F. Austin, South Carolina State, Fairleigh-Dickinson

OUT SINCE LAST TIME – Louisville (due to ineligibility declared 2/5), Cincinnati, Stanford, Tulsa, Clemson, Georgetown, Princeton, Hofstra, Texas A & M-CC, Hampton, Wagner

So there you have it.  As always, remember to check out the Bracket Matrix, where you can now find the link to my blog!


About Mike B.

Avid sports fan, particularly of the Detroit Lions, Pistons, and Tigers, and University of Michigan.
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