Bracketology: Saturday Morning Edition

First it was Saturday morning cartoons, now it’s Saturday morning bracketology.

After a week that saw the teams ranked #3, 4, 5, and 6 in the AP Top 25 lose – Oklahoma, Iowa, North Carolina, and Maryland – we’ve had a lot of movement at the top again.  In fact, the movement is throughout the bracket.  With just a couple weeks until the conference tournaments, the stakes start to get higher.  The dead of winter is actually pretty exciting, after all!

As usual, moves up or down seed lines are in parentheses.  Teams projected as automatic qualifiers are in bold.

In since 2/15 update: Texas Tech, Butler, Tulsa, Hofstra, Princeton, Bucknell

Out since 2/15 update: Vanderbilt, Louisiana State, Cincinnati, UNC-Wilmington, Yale, Navy

1s: Kansas, Villanova, Xavier (+1), Virginia (+1)

2s: Oklahoma (-1), Iowa, Michigan State, North Carolina (-1)

3s: Miami, Kentucky, Oregon, Iowa State

4s: Utah, West Virginia, Duke (+1), Arizona (+1)

5s: Purdue, Notre Dame, Dayton (-1), Maryland (-1)

6s: Texas, Baylor (+1), Texas A & M, California (+1)

7s: Southern California (+1), Colorado (-1), Providence (-1), Indiana (+1)

8s: Florida (+1), St. Joe’s (+1), Wichita State (+1), South Carolina (-1)

9s: Texas Tech (new), Michigan (-2), Wisconsin (-1), Syracuse (-1)

10s: Alabama (+2), Connecticut (+2), Pittsburgh, Seton Hall (+1)

11s: Gonzaga, San Diego State (-2), Temple (-1), Tulsa (new), Virginia Commonwealth (+1)

12s: Monmouth (-2), Butler (new), Valparaiso, Arkansas-Little Rock (+1), Saint Mary’s

13s: Chattanooga, South Dakota State (-1), Princeton (new), Hawaii (+1)

14s: Belmont (+1), Hofstra (new), Stony Brook (-1), Akron

15s: Middle Tennessee, Stephen F. Austin, Montana, New Mexico State (-1)

16s: Winthrop, North Florida, Hampton, Wagner, Texas Southern, Bucknell (new)

 Last Four In: Tulsa, Virginia Commonwealth, Butler, Saint Mary’s

 First Four Out: Louisiana State, Cincinnati, George Washington, Vanderbilt

Next Four Out: Oregon State, Stanford (+1), Washington (-1), Florida State

Third Four Out: Saint Bonaventure (-2), Clemson, Ohio State (+1), UCLA

As always, check out the Bracket Matrix, and look for another update from me early next week!

About Mike B.

Avid sports fan, particularly of the Detroit Lions, Pistons, and Tigers, and University of Michigan.
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