Bracketology: New Year’s Eve Eve Edition

In the middle of watching the college football bowl games, I wanted to offer this quick update.  In my last post, I discussed how Kentucky hadn’t put together such a good non-conference season.  To make up for that, they crushed a decent Louisville team in resounding fashion, 90-61 on Friday.  That bumped Kentucky up to a 4 seed and sent Louisville spiraling down to the First Four Out.  Elsewhere in the bracket, we see a lot of movement from the 7 line (which could essentially be considered the bubble this early in the season) on down.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll start seeding teams from the “mid-majors” for a full 68-team field.  Here’s today’s outlook.

In since last time: UCLA, St. Mary’s, Washington, Georgia Southern

Out since last time: USC, Louisville, UCF, Texas-Arlington

1s – Villanova, Duke, Michigan State, Arizona State

2s – Kansas, West Virginia, Texas A & M, North Carolina

3s – Wichita State, Xavier, Virginia, Gonzaga

4s – Purdue, Tennessee, Arizona, Kentucky (+1)

5s – TCU (-1), Arkansas, Florida State, Florida

6s – Cincinnati, Seton Hall, Missouri, Miami (+1)

7s – Oklahoma, Butler (-1), Michigan, Texas Tech (+3)

8s – SMU (+2), Syracuse (-1), Utah, Notre Dame

9s – Clemson, Rhode Island, Alabama, Baylor (-1)

10s – St. John’s (-2), Ohio State (-1), Minnesota, Maryland

11s – Texas, Nevada, UCLA (new), St. Mary’s (new), Washington (new), North Carolina State (+1)

12s – Northern Iowa, Middle Tennessee, Towson, Georgia Southern (new)

LAST FOUR IN – UCLA, St. Mary’s, Washington, North Carolina State

FIRST FOUR OUT – Creighton, USC, Louisville, UCF

NEXT FOUR OUT – Auburn, St. Bonaventure (+1), Houston (+4), Virginia Tech (+2)

THIRD FOUR OUT – LSU, San Diego State (-1), Oklahoma State (-1), Iowa State (-1)

So, that will do it for today.  As always, if you want to rip me because I have your team too low or want to discuss anything else related to bracketology, feel free to do so in the comments.  And as always, remember to check out the Bracket Matrix, a must for those of us who are obsessed with this stuff.  Happy New Year!

About Mike B.

Avid sports fan, particularly of the Detroit Lions, Pistons, and Tigers, and University of Michigan.
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