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Fire Jim Caldwell, But Don’t Stop There

I have supported Jim Caldwell but he lost me last night. The play calling was unacceptable after the Lions took a 17-0 lead, and the strategy on the final play was mind-boggling. Martha Ford must continue the firings that began last month, and remove the entire coaching staff and front office at season’s end. Continue reading

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Was Darrell Bevell Thinking At All?

I am going to start this off by channeling one of my favorite sports announcers, Bill Walton.  “What was Darrell Bevell thinking?  Was he thinking at all?!” Darrell Bevell, as you probably know by now if you didn’t already, is … Continue reading

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Shockingly, the Lions Lost a Playoff Game

First, the big picture.  I predicted that the Lions would go 8-8 this season, which was consistent with nearly all of the predictions I saw.  With that in consideration, they exceeded my expectations.  The 7-1 home record made it a … Continue reading

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Jim Schwartz Sucks: The Saga Continues

At this point, everyone who has ever talked to me about Lions football knows that I despise Jim Schwartz with a passion exceeding that of my disgust with Brad Ausmus’s bullpen moves in 2014.  In simpler terms, Jim Schwartz sucks. … Continue reading

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They Are Who We Thought They Were!

The famous words of former Arizona coach Dennis Green after his team blew a Monday night game against the Bears a few years back: “They are who we thought they were!” Those same words apply to the 2013 Detroit Lions. … Continue reading

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1st and 10: Thoughts on the Lions’ Opener

Sunday’s opener against the Vikings was about a lot of things for the Lions.  But more than anything, it was about Reggie.  As in Reggie Bush.  The Lions made a lot of noise during free agent signings this past spring … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m a Long-Suffering Lions Fan

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m a diehard Lions fan.  I have been for years.  Since I was 8.  Here’s a funny story about that: the year I got into football, 1991, the Lions were good.  They went 12-4 … Continue reading

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